Opening Dates for “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” Areas at Disneyland and Disney World Revealed

We’ve been hyping Galaxy’s Edge, the long and heavily-anticipated expansion area based on “Star Wars” for two Disney theme parks, for months on end now. We discussed its attractions and even mentioned its various merchandise shops. But one piece of information has eluded us all: when are they finally opening?

So far we’ve only gotten timeframes for this year; the Disneyland Galaxy’s Edge (north of Frontierland) was opening in the summer, while the Disney World version (addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios) was in the fall. But even Disney must have realized that keeping the dates vague was upsetting fans. Hence, they broke their silence Thursday.

Time to clear out our ears, people: Disneyland Galaxy’s Edge will open on May 31, while the Disney World Galaxy’s Edge is on August 29. The latter date is important and very hype-worthy. Forget fall; they’re both opening this summer!

If you’re making plans to go to Anaheim this May to get the “Star Wars” experience, take note. From the 31st of May to the 23rd of June, access to Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland is by reservation. It’s free but will depend on availability of space, which is understandable. Another thing: the “Rise of the Resistance” attraction won’t be ready yet on opening day, so you’ll have to consider the merit of coming later in the year, when it is.

To help visitors out, if they happen to be booked at any of Disneyland’s three hotels during the reservation-only period, they automatically get one Galaxy’s Edge reservation per individual guest. As of the first statement, no reservation-only period has been announced for Disney World’s own.

Covering an area of 14 acres, Galaxy’s Edge will depict a remote planet of the Star Wars galaxy, particularly the smuggler’s town of Blackrock Spire, a conflict spot between the Resistance and the First Order. The experience is full immersion; no franchise branding anywhere, and all cast members in character.

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