List of Toy and Merchandise Stores in “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,” Coming to Disneyland and WDW in 2019

It’s probably been repeated lots of times now where Disney theme park-goers are concerned. This year the long-awaited “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” themed area will open in Disneyland during the summer and in Disney World in the fall. This new expansion promises a unique experience and setting immersion for its future guests like never before.

For one thing Galaxy’s Edge, which “takes place” on a smuggler’s port in a backwater planet, will simulate the “Star Wars” in-universe lifestyle closely. To take an example, their merchandising stands will be so “authentic” that their products won’t come in packages with a Disney logo, but rather sold as is, like they’re on barter in a space opera marketplace.

It also means there are no Galaxy’s Edge collectibles like shirts for sale; at all.

Some new info on Galaxy’s Edge has enabled us to make this list of all these known toy and collectible stores to be found there:

  1. Toydarian Toymaker – run by Zabecca the Toydarian (same species as Watto the junker from Tatooine); sells character dolls and action figures
  2. Creature Stall – features stuffed dolls of the various alien creatures seen in all the films and TV shows set in the Galaxy far, far away
  3. Droid Depot – sells droid models that can be self-assembled from components shown on conveyor belt; can be made interactive with electronic chips
  4. Savi’s Workshop – a possible Jedi survivor that provides services for customers to construct their own custom lightsabers; how the energy blades are generated remains a mystery theme-park-wise
  5. Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities – specializes in “antique”-looking goods as well as holocrons featuring holo-messages from Jedi and Sith, both ancient and recent
  6. Black Spire Outfitters – the “Star Wars” costume shop; has all guests need to look like a Jedi, Sith, or whatever else they want
  7. First Order 709th Legion “Red Fury” – the local First Order garrison for Black Spire Outpost in Batu; sells stationery and gear that marks their owners as loyal to the First Order
  8. Resistance Supply – the local Resistance cell; provides the same stuff as the First Order, but from Resistance sources and strictly for Resistance supporters only

Prices for all these merchandise have yet to be revealed.