List of Visual Tweaks in Repeat Scenes Between First and Second Teasers of “The Lion King”

While the 91st Academy Awards was going on in the evening of Sunday, February 24, and Disney managed to get its slate of Oscars for the year among its list of nominees, they also managed to showcase an extra treat for fans during the telecast.

That was a new teaser trailer for the remake of “The Lion King” directed by Jon Favreau that’s slated to premiere after “Dumbo” next month and “Aladdin” on May. Footage featured there are some repeats from the first teaser, plus some more CGI conversions of the original 1994 animated intro.

Eagle-eyed observers have noticed though, that there are subtle adjustments in the repeated teaser footage from the first to second.  Screen Rant also took notice of the differences. Here we’ll list what have been seen:

  1. Sunrise – change in cloud patterns in the sky
  2. Simba and Mufasa’s footprint – changed light shading on Simba’s fur
  3. Gathering at Pride Rock – new teaser features less clouds, more substantial grass; there has however been speculation that this shot is taken from the end of the film instead
  4. Simba in Sarabi’s “Lap” – altered Simba’s facial angles, lighter fur color and more visible forehead spots
  5. Anointing of Forehead – Simba’s facial fur looks fuzzier like down; he also sneezes at the end of it
  6. Rafiki Presents Simba – changed view angle, changing background from cloudy sky to Pride Rock
  7. End of Teaser – zooming out from Pride Rock, an altered color palette is also visible

You can check out the differences for yourself by watching the two teasers down below.

Disney also released online a new promotional poster for “The Lion King” which features not only Simba but Mufasa as well, against the familiar big African sun backdrop. Favreau, who received accolades for his live-action remake of “The Jungle Book” in 2016, looks ready to convince critics that the new Disney adaptations aren’t as horrible as naysayers claim they are.

“The Lion King” arrives in cinemas this coming July 19.