“Ralph Breaks the Internet” SPOILERS: Step-by-Step List of How the Disney Princesses Rescue Ralph

By now, Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet is close to being two week into its cinematic premiere, where it’s breaking some current box office records. It’s no surprise, knowing all the geeky stuff included in it whether as shout-outs or integral plot elements. The Disney Princesses fall on the latter.

Trailers hype the fact that they befriend Ralph’s (John C. Reilly) friend Vanellope (Sarah Silverman), and she in turn introduces the Princesses to modern casual clothes. Not to spoil by giving in-depth details, but the Princesses help Vanellope with her own internal issues, and save the day after the climax.

Do not read further to avoid SPOILERS: After Ralph and Vanellope defeat what’s close to being the movie’s major antagonist, Ralph falls down the virtual internet city, despite efforts to catch him. Fortunately the Disney Princesses see him and swing into action to rescue the “Big Strong Man” this time around:

  1. Moana uses her “friend of the ocean” blessing to animate water from a fountain, causing it to fly in the air.
  2. Ariel dives into the animated water and uses her mermaid swimming technique to shape it into a corkscrew spiral before “diving out”.
  3. Jasmine pilots the flying carpet with Elsa as passenger. They catch Ariel from her dive while Elsa freezes the watery screw into an ice slide. Ralph slides into the ice, the spiral shape serving as a “holding pattern” while…
  4. Rapunzel gives some of her hair to Aurora, who uses a spinning wheel to spin the hair into strings. Cinderella’s birds thread the strings through Snow White’s gown, with the ends tied to two arrows notched in a bow held by…
  5. Merida. She shoots the arrows – carrying Cinderella’s mice Jaq and Gus – across a gap in buildings underneath Ralph. The arrows strike the opposite wall where…
  6. Anna and Cinderella lay two more Princess gowns on the suspended hair-strings, which Jaq and Gus sew into place. Merida has also positioned another pair of gowns on the ends of the hair-strings on her side of the gap, with Snow White’s gown now suspended in the middle.
  7. Snow White pitches her poison apple to Belle, who bats it into the air with a frying pan.
  8. Mulan jumps after the apple and cuts it into four pieces. The pieces fall on the arrows and wooden supports that hold the gown-hair-string parachute in place (yes it’s getting complicated), causing them to dissolve. Ralph finally gets past the ice slide and falls into Snow White’s dress. The motion jerks the other gowns free from their anchors and balloon into parachutes. (Ariel vocalizes during this part.)
  9. Pocahontas uses her affinity with the wind to blow Ralph in his improvised parachute up onto another rooftop, landing on a bed.
  10. Tiana approaches the unconscious Ralph, moves as if to kiss him…then has Naveen (as a frog) do it instead, waking Ralph up.

Ralph Breaks the Intenet is still showing in theaters.

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