Ranking of Most Popular Disney Princesses by State

Despite current news in the entertainment section about female celebrities expressing their disdain for the more “traditional” characters in the Disney Princess lineup, the fact remains that many more people – children, especially – think Princesses are cool. The recently-released Ralph Breaks the Internet film should only add more fuel to the fire of Disney Princess mania.

In that regard, online cable service database CableTV.com recently did a survey on the most popular Disney Princess according to each of the 50 States, with help from Google Trends. The results were quite eye-opening, and proof perhaps that not everybody has “Let it Go”.


By that, you know who the most popular Disney Princess in the US is. Here’re the rest of them listed:

  1. Elsa – 20 (17 states alone, 3 states tied)
  2. Anna – 11 states (9 states alone, 2 states tied with Elsa)
  3. Snow White – 4 states (3 states alone, 1 tied)
  4. Mulan – 3 states
  5. Esmeralda – 3 states
  6. Jasmine – 3 states
  7. Ariel – 3 states
  8. Pocahontas – 2 states
  9. Rapunzel – 2 states (1 alone, 1 tied)
  10. Belle – 2 states (1 alone, 1 tied)

One-State Princesses

  1. Aurora
  2. Tiana
  3. Merida
  4. Cinderella (tied with four Princesses, even)
  5. Megara

A few random bits of trivia: Many of the States that named Elsa their favorite Disney Princess gets lots of snow during winter. Two States that voted for Jasmine have desert areas. Tiana is obviously popular in the State where her story takes place. Ariel being top Princess in Florida makes sense with the sun and beaches. Utah… couldn’t seem to make up its mind, with five Princesses tied for favorite.

Finally, only the Princesses up to Merida are officially part of the namesake franchise, “crowned” in Disney theme parks and everything. Anna and Elsa are usually just included despite not being invested, and they are part of the group in Ralph Breaks the Internet. Two of the characters here have never been recognized as Princesses (Esmeralda and Megara). And Moana…hasn’t become popular enough for any one State (even Hawaii!) to vote for her at all.

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