List of Possible Incoming Characters (and Plot Elements) in “Ducktales” Season 2 on Disney Channel

When Disney announced that they were rebooting their famous 80s-90s animated series Ducktales, they were so confident in its TV performance that they already renewed it for a second season while the inaugural one was still in production. The reimagining didn’t disappoint, so Disney renewed for Season 3 a month before Season 2 would premiere.

Well, Ducktales returned to Disney Channel for more adventures last Saturday, with the premiere episode “The Most Dangerous Game…Night!” But already fans have an inkling on what to expected (somewhat) in the new season thanks to teaser images shared on SDCC 2018 back in July.

From flashback versions of Scrooge and Glomgold, to a steam-punk version of the Gizmoduck suit, to Beakley cosplaying Darkwing Duck, there’s a lot of stuff to digest. More exciting is the thought of new characters joining the show, both old characters from the original series and the Duck comics, to new persons created for the reboot. We have a little video of the previewed characters from SDCC, and we’ll try to list the debut characters as well as possible developments.


  1. Death(?)
  2. Pig character (anyone from Herbert, Porker Hogg, Angus McSwine, Pig Mayor to Soapy Slick, from comics)
  3. Bird character – new head of Glomgold Industries
  4. Fethry Duck – Donald’s beatnik cousin, from the comics
  5. Bird character 2 – new friend of Webby and (possibly) Lena
  6. Dijon – the kleptomaniac but ineffective thief, debuted in Ducktales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp
  7. John D. Rockerduck – another business rival of Scrooge from the comics, “oil tycoon” capitalist
  8. Bubba the Caveduck – debuted in Ducktales (1987) season 2
  9. Jose Carioca – Donald’s fellow Caballero
  10. Panchito Pistoles – Donald and Jose’s fellow Caballero


  1. Flashback young Flintheart Glomgold
  2. Flashback(?) Scrooge, Goldie(?) and Fenton(?) in gold-rush attire
  3. Steam-punk Gizmoduck suit
  4. Darkwing Beakley

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