Episode List of “Marvel Super Hero Adventures” Web-Series (Season 1)

Back in 2006, in the days before Marvel was acquired by Disney, the company released on Cartoon Network a self-aware parody animated series about the Marvel Super Heroes in a cute super-deformed style, called Super Hero Squad. That concept was revisited in the Disney era through an early-age animated mini web-series, Marvel Super Hero Adventures.

As stated, this new animation of super-cutesy Marvel heroes is geared towards preschool-age audiences, with simple life lessons and morals in every little adventure. Available on YouTube and airing on Disney Channel and Disney Junior, the first season of Marvel Super Hero Adventures focuses on Spider-Man reminiscing on his encounters with fellow heroes and the lessons of friendship, cooperation and true heroism he learns from working together with them all.

With a second season of Marvel Super Hero Adventures having started, let’s list the episodes from the inaugural season of this mini-series, which premiered on YouTube late October last year.

  1. That Drone Cat – Spidey and Miles Aren’t Kitten Around!
  2. Electric Youth – Spidey & Ms. Marvel Get Zapped!
  3. Rock and Roll – Spidey, Ant-Man & Hulk Rock Out!
  4. Uh Oh, It’s Magic! – Spidey & Thor Break the Ice!
  5. One Big Mess – Spidey & Iron Man Clean Up Ultron!
  6. Stomp and Listen – Spidey & The Wasp Ruin Rhino’s Rampage!
  7. I’m Positive! – Spidey & Reptil Defend from Dino Destruction!
  8. Way Outer Space – Spidey & Captain Marvel Ride a Rocket!
  9. The Toys are Back in Town – Spidey & Cap Take on a Toy Thief!
  10. Family Friendly – We Need Spidey & Black Panther Right MEOW!

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