A Sendoff to Marvel’s “Luke Cage” on Netflix: Season 2 Episode List

Just as we did with Marvel’s Iron Fist last week when word came out of its cancellation on Netflix after only two seasons, so too now that we do the same for another content casualty of recent developments: Luke Cage. With something of a rising tension between Disney-Marvel and the streaming service leader, it’s expected.

Here we cover the episodes of the second and final season of the street-level MCU streaming series with Mike Colter as Carl Lucas aka Luke Cage, the neighborhood do-gooder with bulletproof skin. The show never made it to another “Sweet Christmas” this year, but at least it won’t be forgotten.

This time, the second season’s episode titles are from songs of East Coast hip-hop duo Pete Rock & CL Smooth. It released June 22, near four weeks before its canning.

  1. Soul Brother #1
  2. Straighten It Out
  3. Wig Out
  4. I Get Physical
  5. All Souled Out
  6. The Basement
  7. On and On
  8. If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right
  9. For Pete’s Sake
  10. The Main Ingredient
  11. The Creator
  12. Can’t Front On Me
  13. They Reminisce Over You

The next installment of the MCU on Netflix is Daredevil season 3, premiered last week on October 19.

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