List of 90s Disney Animated Film Soundtrack Vinyl Records Now Available on shopDisney

Ask any Disney animated movie fan what their favorite decade of films is and most likely they’ll respond with the 1990s. That time after all was dominated by the “Disney Renaissance” period that saw fantastic stories and new animation techniques that would later become standard in other productions to come.

Let’s not forget the music too. There’s a lot of fine and memorable songs that came out of 90s Disney animated films. And as shopDisney seems to be on a nostalgia trip for that decade, they’re released a series of 90s Disney Classic film soundtracks; and not just any soundtrack, but printed on vinyl LPs.

That’s some mad retro nostalgia that the House of Mouse’s merchandising arm is going for. Yes, these are real vinyl records, fully painted with the main characters of their respective films. The movie soundtracks are:

  1. Beauty and the Beast
  2. Aladdin
  3. The Lion King
  4. Hercules

Yeah, the last one bypassed Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame; shop Disney isn’t telling why. But the featured LP soundtracks are still sweet, costing $24.95 each. That’s a tad steep compared to CDs, but they’re a prize catch for 90s Disney fans who still have record players at home.