List of Rail Transport in and Around Disneyland Paris

Every Disney theme park all over the world tries to have many things in common with each other so that the experience of being a guest can have similarities across them. One way Disney parks are uniform is that they all have rail transport as part of the park facilities.

Having looked at the rail travel options and attractions for the big two Disney parks in the US, now we’re going to take a look at what Disneyland Paris has to offer in that regard. The selection is rather sparse actually, but it’s all memorable with the previous ride lists:

  1. Marne-la-Vallée – Chessy Station – train station opened 1992, servicing commutes to and from Disneyland Paris; has rail lines for both regular commuter trains RER and the famous French TGV high-speed locomotives
  2. Disneyland Railroad (Paris) – a steam train for transport within the park premises like its brothers in California and Florida; original name Euro Disneyland Railroad upon its opening in 1992, and that name’s initials (EDRR) remain on the rail facilities even after the rebranding
  3. Horse-drawn Streetcars – also opened April 1992 like the rail transports above, these classic animal-powered tramways on Paris’ Main Street USA are unique in being separate facilities from the oldie motor vehicles in the themed area, whereas in Disneyland and Disney World they are a joint attraction