List of Rail Transport in and Around Disneyland Resort

Walt Disney himself once said, “In one way or another I have always loved trains.” That love was shown in his insistence that Disneyland, when it opened in 1955, would have rail transportation of as many sorts as can fit. His company carried that on with every successive theme park.

Today, every Disney theme park has at least one type of rail transport that serves either within the park premises or as a transportation link bringing guests to the park’s entrance. From horse-drawn trams, to steam locomotives, to the first pioneering designs of electric trains and their contemporary descendants, Disney has them all and more.

Here’s a list of all the rail transportation accommodations to be found at Disneyland Park.


  1. Disneyland Railroad (July 17, 1955) – a steam locomotive
  2. Main Street Tramway (July 17- 1955) – horse-driven streetcars at Main Street, USA
  3. Casey Jr. Circus Train (July 17, 1955) – based on the train character from Dumbo, a miniature gasoline train designed to look like a steamer
  4. Disney Monorail System (June 14, 1959) – the first US monorail electrical train system
  5. Red Car Trolley (June 15, 2012) – electrical tram dressed up to look like heritage streetcar, including ornamental overhead electric wires


  1. Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland (1956-1977) – originally the Rainbow Caverns Mine Train; electrical but designed to look steam-powered; replaced by the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (a mine roller coaster)
  2. Viewliner Train of Tomorrow (1957-1958) – gasoline-powered locomotive; replaced by the Disney Monorail System
  3. Jolly Trolley (1993-2003) – diesel-powered trolley transport within Mickey’s Toontown; remains as a static display after closure