List of Upcoming Original TV Series for the Disney Streaming Service in 2019

Last week we had a peek at what Disney plans to introduce to us with their upcoming digital streaming service that’s set to launch in 2019. That time we listed all original movies that would be part of their initial batch of media offerings for stream, many being remakes of older Disney and Disney-related properties.

But one-off feature films are not the only thing to watch out for when Disney streaming kicks off a year from now. There will also be new TV series, available only for streaming and with the potential under Disney to be an equal to earlier pioneers like Stranger Things and The Crown from Netflix, and The Handmaid’s Tale from Hulu.

Here’s a list of the TV series proposed so far for production on Disney Streaming.

  1. High Fidelity – series adaptation of the 2000 Touchstone film starring John Cusack, based on the 1995 British novel by Nick Hornby
  2. High School Musical – spinoff of the High School Musical film trilogy from The Disney Channel and cinema
  3. The Mighty Ducks – spinoff/adaptation of the 1990s film trilogy starring Emilio Estevez and Joshua Jackson
  4. Monsters, Inc. – series spinoff of the 2001 Disney-Pixar animated film
  5. Muppets – new show based on the Muppet characters from The Muppets Studio
  6. Marvel – one new show produced by Marvel Television, based on yet-unspecified characters from Marvel Comics
  7. Star Wars – one new series spinoff of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars franchise; Jon Favreau is serving as writer and executive producer