Episode List of Rare Disney Animated Series “Legend of the Three Caballeros”

In 1944, Disney premiered its second animated film in support of the United States government’s “Good Neighbor” policy with the countries of Latin America. This was The Three Caballeros, which reunited classic Disney character Donald Duck with his Brazilian parrot friend Jose Carioca from 1942’s Saludos Amigos, and teamed them with Mexican rooster Panchito Pistoles.

Easily memorable for dedicated Disney fans because of its theme song, (a reworking of “¡Ay, Jalisco, no te rajes!”) The Three Caballeros is a rarely-promoted part of the Animated Canon. That is until a web series based on Donald, Carioca and Panchito suddenly started streaming.

Entitled The Legend of the Three Caballeros, the new show follows the eponymous trio as they travel the world and get into all sorts of wacky, magical and epic adventures with a variety of friends. So far, it’s only available for viewing in the Philippines via the DisneyLife streaming app.

Here’s a list of episodes:

  1. Dope-a Cabana
  2. Labyrinth and Repeat
  3. Pyramid-Life Crisis
  4. World Tree Caballeros
  5. No Man Is an Easter Island
  6. Stonehenge Your Bets
  7. Mount Rushmore or Less
  8. Nazca Racing
  9. Mexico à Go-Go
  10. Mt. Fuji Whiz
  11. Thanks a Camelot
  12. Shangri-La-Di-Da
  13. Shieldgoose Square Dance

This show was produced not by the usual Disney Television Animation, but by Disney Interactive, and has no ties to the currently-airing DTA reboot of Ducktales. In fact, Legend of the Three Caballeros was produced before work on the new Ducktales even started. No other branch of Disney’s TV networks has announced picking up the series yet.