Short List of Potential Directors for Heavily Discussed “Black Widow” MCU Solo Film (Plus their Prior Credits)

With so many films being slotted into the production schedule of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sometimes certain Marvel superhero movies that the public is clamoring to see get put on the back burner if not ignored entirely. One of these wish-list entries is a solo movie for the Black Widow.

Introduced into the MCU in Iron Man 2, SHIELD Agent Natasha Romanov – as portrayed by Scarlett Johansson – has built up a small but vocal fan base that wants a movie with her, front and center. Some voices in Marvel Studios has juggled the concept too, and even proposed possible directors.

Today we have a short list of the filmmakers – all female – whose names have been dropped as potential directors for an MCU Black Widow film. All three of them have been said to have talked about the project to both Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and Black Widow/Scarlett Johansson herself.

Also included are some films each director has done prior to this development, with information where they might be relevant.

  • Cate Shortland – from Australia, the first to be rumored for consideration to direct Black Widow
  1. Somersault (2004) – Australian indie film starring Sam Worthington
  2. Lore (2012) – co-production with German and British studios, a historical drama
  3. Berlin Syndrome (2017) – co-production with French studio, a psychological thriller
  • Amma Asante – British filmmaker from Ghanaian parents
  1. Belle (2013) – period drama inspired by true story
  2. A United Knigdom (2016) – historical romantic drama based on true story
  • Maggie Betts – the sole American choice
  1. The Carrier (2010) – a documentary on AIDS
  2. Novitiate (2017) – a drama about life in a Catholic convent in the days after Vatican Council II