List of Lost Boys in Disney’s “Peter Pan” and Sequel

For a little dose of classical Disney Animated Canon nostalgia, we’re going to make a list of names of the Lost Boys, the merry band of Peter Pan’s in Never Land, from his 1953 movie. They retain their names for the most part from J.M. Barrie’s work, with an exception.

  1. Slightly – Peter’s right-hand boy of the band, the tallest of the Lost Boys and wears a red fox costume
  2. Cubby – originally names “Curly” by Barrie, in the Disney film he’s the chubbiest and strongest of the Boys other than Peter; wears a brown bear costume
  3. The Twins – as described, they’re identical twins in purple raccoon costumes that finish each other’s sentences…or talk simultaneously as heard in the sequel Return to Never Land
  4. Nibs – the taciturn but constantly on the move Lost Boy dressed in a light-pink bunny costume
  5. Tootles – the smallest Lost Boy whose motif is a black skunk; in the original film he never talks, and in the sequel he communicates by writing on a notepad
  6. John Darling – Wendy’s younger brother; after joining the Lost Boys in Never Land he tries to act as a leader figure when Peter’s not around; not very effective; returned home with his siblings after the adventure
  7. Michael Darling – Wendy and John’s youngest brother; he tends to follow the leads of whichever boy is the leader of the moment, if not sticking close to Wendy; also returned home at the end
  8. Jane – daughter of Wendy by the time of the Return to Never Land sequel in 2002; after being saved by Peter from Captain Hook’s kidnapping, she’s put to be a new “Mother” to the boys only to refuse; after bonding with the Boys and reawakening her inner child, Jane becomes a “Lost Girl”, though she also returns home at the end of it