List of “Neighborhood” Sub-Areas in Soon-to-Open Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure

When Disney California Adventure opened in Disneyland in 2001, its centermost area is Paradise Pier, a waterside theme section of the theme park designed to look like a Disney-fied Victorian boardwalk. Towards the end of last year, they began work to re-theme Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier; no points in guessing what the motif of the revamped area will be.

The new Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure will open this Saturday, June 23, with access to the area before that time restricted to invited guests and only on certain celebratory events before the big day. But we have info on the four Pixar-themed sub-areas (dubbed “neighborhoods”) that Pixar Pier will have. Here’s a list of them and their features.

  1. The Incredibles – based on Disney-Pixar’s popular superhero family; includes the re-theme of the former California Screamin’ roller coaster, now the “Incredicoaster”
  2. Toy Story – Pixar Pier’s own unique take of the larger Toy Story Land areas found in other Disney theme parks (Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and soon at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World); featured attractions include Jessie’s Critter Carousel and Señor Buzz Churros stand
  3. Inside Out – based on the most adorable inside study of human emotions and personality ever; featured attractions include the “Angry Dogs” fast-food, themed after Anger
  4. Other Pixar films – includes the Mickey’s Fun Wheel Ferris wheel, retaining Mickey Mouse’s face but having its 24 gondolas now redesigned after various Disney-Pixar characters

The opening of Disney California Adventures’ new Pixar Pier area comes just ahead of the opening of Toy Story Land Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, due June 30.