List of Marvel Stud10s Anniversary Gold Posters (with Slogans)

Marvel’s Golden-hued posters celebrating the first decade of Marvel Studios and their MCU have been around some time now, and they’ve been getting attention thanks to the captions accompanying the photographed superheroes in each. These catchphrases are so ripe for memes that Rob Liefeld even shared Deadpool fanart parodying them.

Anyway, we’re making a list of the Marvel Studios gold posters – all 34 of them that feature MCU heroes – and include their respective descriptive catchphrases. It’s a stylish twist to have the “a” in every phrase be styled like the Avengers logo. Here we go.

  1. Hero Group Shot – More than a Hero
  2. Iron Man – More than a Suit
  3. Ant-Man – More than a Thief
  4. Black Panther – More than a King
  5. Black Widow – More than a Secret
  6. Winter Soldier – More than a Mission
  7. Hulk – More than a Temper
  8. Hawkeye – More than a Marksman
  9. Groot – I am a Groot
  10. Doctor Strange – More than a Doctor
  11. Okoye – More than a Bodyguard
  12. Captain America – More than a Shield
  13. Loki – More than a Trickster
  14. Scarlet Witch – More than a Tragic Past
  15. Spider-Man – More than a Kid
  16. Star-Lord – More than a Legendary Outlaw
  17. Thor – More than a God
  18. Valkyrie – More than a Sword
  19. Vision – More than a Mind
  20. War Machine – More than a Fighter
  21. Shuri – More than a Genius
  22. Wasp – More than a Partner
  23. Korg – More than a Friend of Doug’s
  24. Wong – More than a Librarian
  25. Drax – More than a Destroyer
  26. Falcon – More than a Wingman
  27. Gamora – More than a Weapon
  28. Rocket (Raccoon) – More than a Trash Panda
  29. Heimdall – More than a Watchful Eye
  30. Mantis – More than a Sensation
  31. Nebula – More than a Machine
  32. Nick Fury – More than a Spy
  33. Nakia – More than a Warrior

The third and final MCU film for 2018, the 10th Anniversary of Marvel Studios, is Ant-Man and the Wasp, next month in July. The final film in the MCU myth saga that started with Iron Man in 2008, is Avengers 4, due 2019.


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