List of Best-Performing Disney Assets

This one’s fairly small for a list, but it’s a fairly recent news topic considering the particular performances of the various units under The Walt Disney Company when it comes to making money. Thus far, three names of Disney subsidiaries stand tall in terms of profitable performances above all others.

It’s the fact that Disney is so many distinct entities within a single umbrella that enables it to dominate as a brand even if certain parts – ESPN, Hulu, some cable networks – haven’t been doing just as hot. Here then are the three top Disney assets that always carry the day.

  1. Marvel – three words: Marvel Cinematic Universe; ten years and twenty superhero movies (with more on the way) means that the MCU of Marvel Studios is dominating in earnings among Disney subsidiaries; not a single MCU film can be considered a box office flop
  2. Lucasfilm – getting Star Wars under Disney was another major coup; even with the uneven reception of recent films like Episode VIII – The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story (which is under-performing in the box office despite decent reviews), the franchise remains one of the heavy hitters for the Mouse
  3. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts – with six locations around the world, all but one of which contain multiple theme parks, resorts and commercial complexes, it’s no wonder that Disney Parks are a pillar of profit; and their situation is like a smaller take of the overall Disney thing, with some parks pulling more and making up for others struggling with visitor numbers, like Hong Kong Disneyland

Just imagine how things may change if Disney acquires the assets it wants from Fox.