List of Areas in Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at Walt Disney World

According to “Disney legend”, back in the late 1980s a really strong Atlantic hurricane struck Florida near the area of Lake Buena Vista, littering what was once a secluded tropical sea cove with lots of storm debris. Prominently, a shrimping boat named Miss Tilly was sent airborne by the winds and set down, impaled on the peak of Mount Mayday.

To this day it remains there, while the devastated surroundings were used as a resort all the same. And that’s the fanciful account of the origins of the Typhoon Lagoon water park, opened in June 1989 at Walt Disney World.

Now we have here a list of Typhoon Lagoon’s own themed areas, much like its nearby theme park cousins within the larger Disney World complex.

  1. Mount Mayday – Typhoon Lagoon’s equivalent to the Disney Castle’s or Tokyo DisneySea’s Mount Prometheus; serves as water-slide launcher and cover for the resort’s major pipelines; Miss Tilly at the top shoots a geyser of water at regular intervals
  2. Typhoon Lagoon – the largest and primary resort area with sandy beaches next to the titular (artificial) lagoon
  3. Hideaway Bay – secondary sandy-beach swimming area that’s home to the Crush n Gusher water coaster
  4. Castaway Creek – a “lazy river” encircling the water park premises, continuously flowing and perfect for those who just wish to float and drift or relax on inner tubes
  5. Ketchakiddee Creek – a mini play area for children that has smaller versions of Typhoon Lagoon’s features: sandy beach, water sprays and fountains, a creek with shallow slides and a tugboat


  1. Shark Reef – attraction depicting a tanker wreck in between to saltwater reefs filled with Caribbean sea creatures for guests to have “close-encounter” experiences with; closed in 2016

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