List of Disney’s “Descendants: Wicked World” Season 2 Episodes

Here’s a list of episodes for season 2 of Disney’s Descendants: Wicked World web-series, spun off from their Disney Channel film series Descendants. The adventures of Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos on Auradon Prep continue as they face new challenges in being better rather than bad, good rather than evil.

  1. Slumber Party” (October 21, 2016) – exactly what it says on the card (Song: “Rather Be With You” sung by Mal, Evie, Audrey, Jane, Lonnie, Jordan, Freddie and Ally)
  2. Odd Mal Out” (October 28, 2016) – the start of the Auradon Prep Jewel-bilee celebration arc
  3. Pair of Sneakers” (November 4, 2016) – to be able to participate in the Jewel-bilee, Mal returns home to the Isle of the Lost with Freddie to get her heirloom jewel
  4. Wild Rehearsal” (November 11, 2016) – failing to find her jewel, Mal relapses into some villainy ways; but is it all her or is an outside force involved?
  5. Chemical Reaction” (November 18, 2016) – Mal’s sinister streak continues, and now even Evie is concerned
  6. Talking Heads” (December 2, 2016) – Maleficent must be so proud of her baby girl by this point (Song: “Evil” sung by Mal)
  7. Steal Away” (December 9, 2016) – it’s up to the rest of the original VK 4 to snap Mal out of her evil ways
  8. Evil Among Us” (January 6, 2017) – a new evil threat hangs its shadow over Auradon Prep: Zevon son of Yzma
  9. Options Are Shrinking” (January 13, 2017) – some of Auradon’s students try to fight back against Zevon, but he’s prepared for all interruptions
  10. Party Crasher” (January 20, 2017) – the Auradon Prep Jewel-bilee kicks off, and Zevon makes his move on Audrey’s production (Song: “Better Together” sung by Audrey)
  11. Mal-lone” (January 27, 2017) – in the aftermath of Zevon’s triumph, Mal finds herself cut off from the others who want no help from her, post-villain phase
  12. Trapped” (February 3, 2017) – the truth is told about Mal’s birthright jewel
  13. Face to Face” (February 10, 2017) – with Zevon about to complete his magical domination of Auradon, Mal and Evie must confront him by themselves
  14. United We Stand” (February 17, 2017) – it’s the final battle between Mal and Zevon for control of her heirloom jewel
  15. Celebration” (February 24, 2017) – after the struggle with Zevon, the Jewel-bilee carries on with the VKs getting their heirloom jewels (Song: “Better Together” (reprise) sung by Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, Ben, Audrey, Jane, Lonnie, Jordan, Freddie and Ally)

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