List of Dub Languages Featured in “Let It Go: Multi-language” Music Video by Disney

We risk kick-starting a phenomenon by saying this, but the song “Let It Go” from Disney’s 2013 animated film Frozen has got to be one of the most memorable (both good and not-so-good connotations) musical pieces in the whole Animated Canon. For years afterwards, children have been prone to spontaneously singing it out loud as soon as they hear it.

“Let It Go” is also remarkable in how Disney marketed it to showcase their extensive initiative of dubbing their animated movies into many languages, making them more accessible to more countries around the world. That includes translating the songs too.

Down below is a list of the languages featured in the special music video released by Disney, “Let It Go: Multilanguage”, which has 25 singers including original interpreter (and English VA for Elsa) Idina Menzel, singing a line or two in the official dub languages, and stitched into one whole.

  1. English – Idina Menzel
  2. French – Anais Delva
  3. German – Willemijn Verkaik
  4. Dutch – Willemijn Verkaik
  5. Mandarin – Hu Wei Na
  6. Swedish – Annika Herlitz
  7. Japanese – Takako Matsu
  8. Latin American Spanish – Carmen Sarahi
  9. Polish – Kasia Laska
  10. Hungarian – Furedi Nikolett
  11. Castilian Spanish – Gisela
  12. Catalan – Gisela
  13. Italian – Serena Autieri
  14. Korean – Hye-Na Park
  15. Serbian – Jelena Gavrilovic
  16. Cantonese – Jobelle Ubalde
  17. Portuguese – Ana Encarnação
  18. Bahasa Malaysian – Marsha Milan
  19. Russian – Anna Buturlina
  20. Danish – Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg
  21. Bulgarian – Nadezhda Panayotova
  22. Norwegian – Lisa Stokke
  23. Thai – Gam Wichanayee
  24. Canadian French – Anais Delva
  25. Flemish – Elke Buyle