List of Themed Areas in Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is the second Disney theme park to be opened in Asia, over twenty years after Tokyo Disneyland in Japan. Today, it is the centerpiece and (thus far) only full-scale “component” theme-park in the rebranded Hong Kong Disney Resort complex, and the first Disney park where the culture, customs and traditions of the locale where it was built was integrated into the construction right from the development stage.

While it may be the smallest of its brothers around the globe, Hong Kong Disneyland still has a lot to offer its never-ending cavalcade of guests; not for nothing is HKD the 13th most-visited theme park in the world as of 2013, and still growing. Here then is a list of the themed lands they’ve got over there, plus info on unique stuff they’ve got.

Original Four

  1. Main Street, USA – retains the original Midwestern American town general motif, but with the styling of Colonial Hong Kong in dining (Chinese eatery) and European influence (Viennese bakery); the buildings are made of wood rather than stone
  2. Adventureland – the largest Adventureland among all Disney theme parks, dominated by Tarzan’s Treehouse and the Jungle Cruise; temporarily converted into Pirateland (May-August 2007) for the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End; a Moana attraction is opening this May 2018
  3. Fantasyland – much like Disneyland Anaheim’s original Fantasyland; unique attractions include “Fantasy Gardens” and “Fairy Tale Forest”; its Sleeping Beauty Castle was closed in January 2018 for renovation, not to be finished until 2020 to coincide with HKD’s 15th anniversary synced with Walt Disney World’s 50th
  4. Tomorrowland – follows the metallic-trim design aesthetic of later Tomorrowlands; unique attractions include “Stitch Encounter” and “Autopia”; became home of the first Marvel-themed attraction in a Disney Park (“The Iron Man Experience”)

Later Additions

  1. Toy Story Land – opened in 2011, it’s the second Toy Story themed area following the original at Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris; achieves the area’s Toy Story concept of “shrinking guests to toy size” by surrounding the premises with tall bamboo to mimic grass
  2. Grizzly Gulch – opened in 2012 as HKD’s unique version of other parks’ Frontierland or Critter Country; based around Grizzly Peak, modeled after the one in Disney California Adventure, with the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
  3. Mystic Point – opened in 2013 as another Hong Kong-unique themed area; its background is that of a manor house built by an explorer inside a jungle where mystic forces abound; said Mystic Manor is HKD’s take on the Haunted Mansion

Future Additions

  1. Frozen Land – scheduled to open in 2020, it’ll be the first Disney themed area wholly patterned after the blockbuster 2013 animated film Frozen; the land will be themed as the Kingdom of Arendelle, and at least two rides are planned
  2. Marvel Area – portions of Tomorrowland are being renovated into rides and attractions featuring Marvel characters as seen in the MCU film franchise; aside from “The Iron Man Experience”, rides based on the Avengers and Ant-Man are being developed, with the transformation set to be completed by 2023