List of Appearances in Disney Theme Parks by Classic Disney-Iwerks Character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

In 1927, the creative tandem of Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney created an animated character while working for Universal Pictures. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit became a hit, but when he was claimed as a character owned by Universal, Disney and Iwerks went independent and created a replacement star: Mickey Mouse.

Following several decades as a Universal property appearing on various media, Oswald was officially regained by The Walt Disney Company in 2006. He became prominent upon co-starring with Mickey Mouse on the Epic Mickey videogame series. He also started getting special appearances on Disney theme parks. Here’s a handy list:

  1. Tokyo Disneyland (2010) – their first Easter holiday event featured a float with Oswald’s face
  2. Disney California Adventure (2011) – new entrance construction had covering walls decorated with old-era Disney characters, including Oswald
  3. Magic Kingdom (2011) – Town Square Theater had a decorative poster featuring Oswald as a magician’s “hat rabbit”
  4. Disneyland Paris (2011) – shops on Main Street USA started selling Oswald-themed clothing items
  5. Disney California Adventure (2012) – opening of new “Buena Vista Street” entry area, with a structure dedicated to the Lucky Rabbit: “Oswald’s Service Station”, a gift shop designed like a 1920s gas station with Oswald on its logo; DCA started stocking Oswald goods while Disneyland Park next door remains exclusively Mickey-centric
  6. Walt Disney World (2012) – the Emporium started selling Oswald ear-hats as an alternative to Mickey Mouse-ears
  7. Magic Kingdom (2014) – “The Seven Dwarves Ride” has an Oswald figure carved to a tree near the attraction’s exit
  8. Tokyo DisneySea (2014) – Oswald the Lucky Rabbit becomes an official meet-and-greet character there
  9. Disney California Adventure (2014) – Oswald starts making appearances on Buena Vista Street aside from his Service Station