List of Areas in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World

Listed here are the various themed areas of Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, Florida. Opening in 1989 under its original name of Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park, it was the third such that was built in the WDW complex, a celebration of audiovisual media hosted in Cinema’s Golden Age.

Notable is the fact that the initial themed areas of DHS are patterned after areas in Los Angeles that are connected to the motion picture industry. Some later areas have copied this style by imitating locations such as Pixar’s main campus. The park changed to its current name in 2008.

  1. Hollywood Boulevard – the DHS counterpart to Disneyland’s Main Street, USA and inspired by the same-named street in Los Angeles; a prominent attraction is its replica of the world-famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (the inside however is an indoor ride, soon to be “Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway”)
  2. Echo Lake – home primarily to attractions based on films and characters created by George Lucas: Star Wars and Indiana Jones; more recent additions include a musical based on Disney’s Frozen
  3. Grand Avenue – its primary attraction is based on Jim Henson’s Muppets; in fact its original name was supposed to be Muppet Studios after Disney acquired the Jim Henson Company, only to pattern it after the LA street when the arrangements were cancelled via Henson’s death in 1990; recently refurbished in 2017
  4. Pixar Place – outwardly copying the looks of Pixar Studios’ campus in Emeryville, California; most attractions here are based on Toy Story
  5. Animation Courtyard – a showcase for Walt Disney Animation Studios; includes an exhibit on Walt Disney’s life and puppet presentations with characters from Disney animated TV series
  6. Sunset Boulevard – home of the first “Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror” attraction; also has a “Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith”, that is now being refurbished into an Iron Man-themed ride
  7. Toy Story Land – the upcoming new area where Toy Story rides, attractions and characters will be based, set to open this coming June
  8. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – the hotly anticipated fully immersive themed area experience for Star Wars, with a planned Millennium Falcon ride and a staged battle between the Resistance and the First Order set during the sequel trilogy; opening in 2019