List of Significant Sailing Ships in Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” Film Franchise

When Disney adapted their dark-ride theme-park attraction Pirates of the Caribbean into a film series, they spawned a vibrant universe of colorful locations, characters, and even vessels. Now we’re making a list of all the prominent sailing ships – magical or otherwise – that carried Jack and his friends/foes across the seas.

  1. Black Pearl – the face ship of the Pirates franchise; originally the East Indiaman Wicked Wench until sunk by the EITC, then raised in its black form by Davy Jones; Captain Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbosa come to blows over its command throughout the franchise
  2. HMS Interceptor – reputed fastest Royal Navy ship in the Caribbean circa Curse of the Black Pearl; commandeered by Jack and his ragtag crew to pursue the Pearl, at the time a cursed ship under Barbosa’s command; destroyed by the Black Pearl
  3. HMS Dauntless – Royal Navy flagship of Commodore James Norrington; used to pursue Jack during the first film and after, only to sink in a hurricane before the events of Dead Man’s Chest
  4. Flying Dutchman – cursed ship of Davy Jones, rogue ferryman of the souls of the drowned at sea out of spite for being stood up by the goddess Calypso; command transferred to William Turner in the climax of At World’s End; lost its cursed nature following the climax of Dead Men Tell No Tales/Salazar’s Revenge
  5. HMS Endeavor – armada flagship of Lord Cutler Beckett from the East India Trading Company; destroyed in the climax of At World’s End by the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman
  6. Empress – pirate flagship of Sao Feng, Pirate Lord of Singapore; passed onto Elizabeth Swan after Sao’s death and became her command as (briefly) successor Pirate Lord and “elected” Pirate King; she actually gave captaincy to Sao’s bodyguard Tai Huang while she was at the Black Pearl during the battle with the EITC and Davy Jones
  7. HMS Providence – Hector Barbosa’s command as a privateer during On Stranger Tides; destroyed by mermaids at Whitecap Bay on the way to the Fountain of Youth
  8. Queen Anne’s Revenge – pirate flagship of Edward “Blackbeard” Teach in On Stranger Tides; can sail at any time thanks to Blackbeard’s possession of the magical Sword of Triton; passed onto Barbosa after Blackbeard’s death; forcibly abandoned in Dead Men Tell No Tales after Barbosa and his crew are taken by Capitan Salazar
  9. Dying Gull – “flagship” of Jack Sparrow at the start of Dead Men Tell No Tales; laid up in dry dock and no longer seaworthy
  10. Silent Mary – flagship of Spanish naval captain and avowed pirate hunter, Armando Salazar; tricked into sailing inside the cursed Devil’s Triangle by a young Jack Sparrow, Salazar and his men were damned to an undead existence, with the Silent Mary turned into a ship-devouring monster; destroyed along with Salazar and “all curses of the sea” at the climax of Dead Men Tell No Tales