List of Themed Areas in Disneyland Park of Disneyland Paris

Opened in 1992, Euro Disney was the fourth Disney theme park overall and the second built outside the US. While it was beset with financial difficulties over some rough several years, necessitating a few name changes, the now-Disneyland Park/Parc Disneyland has proven that it too is a Happiest Place on Earth like its brother parks.

While it might be extraneous to list the themed areas for Disneyland in Paris, there are some particular differences in the locations that make them stand out enough from the other parks. One of the areas was even renamed from the Disneyland original. Let’s see:

  1. Main Street, USA – mostly unchanged but with more emphasis on Victorian-era architecture
  2. Fantasyland – uses the Sleeping Beauty Castle from Anaheim, but with a twist all its own; the Parisian Fantasyland heavily emphasizes the fact that many fairy tales that inspired Disney’s animated films are European in origin, thus it’s built as a fairy tale village
  3. Frontierland – more emphasis also put on American Old West “cowboy” motif
  4. Adventureland – follows the previous Adventurelands’ theme of exotic locations, but Paris went for more of an Indian and Moroccan motif (considering the latter was once under their sphere of influence), due to potentially harsh French winters, many attractions from other Adventurelands like the Jungle River Cruise weren’t carried over
  5. Discoveryland – a unique Paris flavor of other parks’ Tomorrowland, with a spotlight on Da Vinci, Jules Verne, HG Wells and other European scientists and sci-fi writers

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