List of Themed Areas in Shanghai Disneyland

In 2016, mainland China got its own slice of the Happiest Place on Earth with Shanghai Disney Resort. Occupying an area in Shanghai’s Pudong district that is some three times the size of Hong Kong Disneyland, there’s enough room to build two more theme parks aside from Shanghai Disneyland itself.

The following is a list of themed areas that comprise Shanghai Disneyland. Some of these are unique to the park and its location in China, while others are of course copied over from Shanghai’s “older brothers”. Even then, some attractions of the latter areas are singularly different from the others.

Time to do a list, shall we?

  1. Mickey Avenue – entrance area like Main Street, USA but more themed after classic Disney characters
  2. Gardens of Imagination – Shanghai Disneyland’s hub, with Chinese Gardens and a pavilion populated by Disney and Marvel characters
  3. Fantasyland – normally the central area of other Disney theme parks, Shanghai’s version is next to the Gardens of Imagination; its Enchanted Storybook Castle is a unique structure, unlike the copies of either Cinderella’s or Sleeping Beauty’s castles in the other Fantasylands
  4. Treasure Cove – area based largely on Pirates of the Caribbean, particularly the film franchise inspired by the original Disneyland’s indoor attraction
  5. Adventure Isle – Shanghai’s take on Adventureland; a prominent attraction is based on the Disney animated film Tarzan
  6. Tomorrowland – largely the same as its namesakes elsewhere; sci-fi attractions include some based on Lilo & Stitch, TRON and Star Wars
  7. Toy Story Land – the third Disney themed area with its name, after the ones from Disneyland Paris (Walt Disney Studios Park) and Hong Kong Disneyland; newly opened just this April 26, ahead of the one for Disney World (Disney’s Hollywood Studios) which is scheduled for June