Ikspiari of Tokyo Disney Resort: Current List of Dining Choices and Other Establishments

You might have noticed that the article we had on Tokyo Disney Resort’s Ikspiari commercial complex only listed shops. It was something of a necessity as there were just so many shops there, and sorted into the type of goods they carry, even. We should keep lists a comfortable length.

That’s why today we’re going to go over Ikspiari’s dining options, and then their other attractions and facilities, for this list. The dining section alone has restaurants divided into seven sections, though at least the numbers of choices each are manageable to enumerate. So without further ado, here we go:

Japanese Cuisine

  1. Edoya Ikspiari Kitchen (yakisoba)
  2. Ichizenya Ikspiari Kitchen (donburi)
  3. Ippudo (ramen)
  4. Kyo no Uta (buffet)
  5. Rin-ya (soba & tempura)
  6. Sato Inoko
  7. Shinkenshoubu Ikspiari Kitchen (miso ramen)
  8. Sukiyaki Ningyocho Imahan
  9. Tonkatsu Wako
  10. Tsukiji Tamasushi
  11. Yostubanoka Ikspiari Kitchen

Western/Italian Food

  1. Bar Rica Cerveza
  2. Buffet the Grace
  3. Café Kaila (Hawaiian)
  4. Guzman y Gomez (Mexican)
  5. Kafe Trail & Track (Hamburg Steak)
  6. Maihama Youshokuken Ikspiari Kitchen (omelet rice)
  7. Mare Cucina (Italian)
  8. Pitta 00 (Italian)
  9. Rainforest Café
  10. Rio Grande Grill (Brazilian BBQ)
  11. Rocky’s Ikspiari Kitchen (steak)
  12. Roti’s House
  13. TGI Friday’s

Asian Cooking

  1. Monsoon Café
  2. Seiryumon (Taiwanese)
  3. Shoufukuchubou (Chinese)
  4. Singapore Hawker
  5. Toraji (Korean BBQ)


  1. Old Bowl (English-style pub)
  2. Torcedor


  1. Café Chez Madu
  2. Folletti Gerutta (gelato)
  3. Gong Cha (milk tea)
  4. Honolulu Coffee
  5. Kua’aina (Hawaiian)
  6. Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
  7. Nana’s Green Tea
  8. Pie Face
  9. Starbucks Coffee
  10. Tully’s Coffee


  1. Bake Cheese Tart
  2. GMT by Good Morning Tokyo
  3. Godiva
  4. Jyunpu-Dou
  5. Kanjyuku-ya (honey)
  6. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
  7. Manneken
  8. Nihonnbashi Nishikihorin
  9. Paradis/Arinco
  10. Tiramisuhero (tiramisu)

Other Foods

  1. Glocal Food Bazaar
  2. Haochaoz (dim sum)
  3. Kakiyasu Dining
  4. Lupicia (teas)
  5. Omusubi Gonnbei (rice balls)
  6. Sando de Soup
  7. Tsukiji Ginndaco (takoyaki)

All dining places with Ikspiari Kitchen are part of the food court area.

Other Places

  1. Senjo Ishi (supermarket)
  2. Cinema Ikspiari (16 theaters)

Ikspiari is free to access from Tokyo and elsewhere on the JR Keiyo line’s Maihama Station (south exit). Guests from Tokyo Disneyland, Disneysea or the official hotels can get there through the resort monorail line, getting off at the Resort Gateway Station.