Lucasfilm Unleashes First Teaser (for a Later Trailer) of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

We’ve run several articles here in the past regarding the remarkable lack of any teaser or preview materials for the second Star Wars Story anthology film, Solo. This latest installment of the franchise from Disney and Lucasfilm is supposed to premiere in May and not a peep had been given.

That is, until now. On Sunday, while Super Bowl LII has everybody’s attention, Lucasfilm finally dropped its first official audiovisual media promoting Solo. Less than a minute long, it’s about several seconds’ worth of dialogue scenes, with all the rest a series of action set piece samples and actor close-ups.

In case you forgot, this Star Wars Story focuses on Harrison Ford’s unscrupulous hero character Han Solo, back in his youth (as portrayed by Alden Ehrenreich) and how he ended up with a Wookie co-pilot and an awesome spaceship. The teaser shows a scene from his backstory, and it’s interesting.

Going by the now-non-canon Expanded Universe novels (aka Star Wars Legends), Han Solo started his career as a Galactic Empire pilot. And the teaser does show Ehrenreich’s Han at an army recruiting station, telling his Imperial interviewer that he wanted to be a pilot; the best in the Galaxy, even.

As soon as the recruiter tells Han “You’re gonna love this” – an endorsement for a military career, but can also be considered an aside to the near-frustrated audience – the teaser starts showcasing some sweet visuals. There’re the exotic alien locales and shots of a brand-new Millennium Falcon in Imperial colors.

We also get a fight sequence on a train, and face shots of the other cast: Woody Harrelson as Han’s mentor Beckett, Emilia Clarke as Kira, Donald Glover as the young gang boss Lando Calrissian (formerly played by Billy Dee Williams), and of course the guy in the hairy suit as Chewbacca.

All that and it’s only a teaser for an actual trailer, likely longer in running time, that will come on Monday. We’ll be sure to put up our impressions of that promised trailer as soon as it’s out.

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