Disney Shorts Available on Netflix!


Disney does an incredible job of creating not just full-length feature films, but Oscar-worthy animated shorts, as well. Over the years the stories have encompassed new adventures, or simple connotations of the ones everyone loves. In the past, however, the only way to catch these was to see them in the theaters as they would play before the feature film. Until now…

Netflix, in their partnership with showing Disney films, recently released a collection of Disney shorts! The 12 films are part of a DVD/Blu-Ray available to purchase, but why do that when you can stream them! The ‘Walt Disney: Short Films Collection’ features a story of ‘John Henry,’ the Oscar-winning ‘Paperman,’ and a Frozen short among the 12 films highlighted. It’s definitely worth the watch!

To see a more in-depth review of the collection, head over to Tech Insider, as they have a short synopsis of the shorts.


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