Canadian Hotel Creates ‘Frozen’ Suite for Winter!

How would you like to stay in a real life scene from Frozen? And by stay, I mean pay for a hotel room that resembles the scenery from the enchanted animated musical that won the box office over this past winter. Well, if that’s a bucket list item for you then head up to Canada, because the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City, which means the ‘Ice Hotel,’ has a limited-time suite styled after Frozen! Take a look:

Hotel-de-Glace-Image-1  Hotel-de-Glace-Image-2

The suite is only open until march 23, so if you want to give it a try…get on it! The hotel is one of the most famous in Quebec City, so I’m sure vacancy is extremely difficult to find. Fair to say we can make this one up to one of the cooler (pun intended) promotions for a Disney film we’ve seen.


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