ABC Family Wins Rights to ‘The Hunger Games’

A little part of me was hoping I could in some way write about The Hunger Games on this site. Welp…thanks Disney! Now I can!

The movie that’s taken the world by storm and has already set records at the box office will have a little Disney flair to it in the future. ABC Family, part of the Disney/ABC Television Group, has earned the TV rights to The Hunger Games, as well as its sequel Catching Fire, which is scheduled to release late 2013. This is huge news for the Disney/ABC TV Group, as the film just had an opening weekend of $153 million!

Michael Riley, ABC Family President, recently stated, ‘This tremendous opening weekend reinforces what we have already learned: A powerful heroine, themes of romance and iconic characters will keenly resonate with our Millennial audience. This franchise will continue to enhance our network for years to come.‘ I couldn’t agree more with Riley’s statements.

Have ya read the books? Have ya seen the movie? If not, let e give you some advice…GO DO IT! They’re an incredible story filled with intensity, suspense, drama and many unexpected twists. And in case you forgot, it’s obviously a big hit, because The Muppets made their on parody of it!

What are your thoughts on the book and the movie?


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