Zootopia 2

Zootopia 2

There is no official announcement from Disney about the release of Zootopia 2. While there has been speculation and rumors about a sequel to the popular animated movie Zootopia, it looks like Disney CEO Bob Iger has already given a hint that such a sequel is currently on the table.

As of today, Disney offers a new animated series called “Zootopia+” currently streaming on Disney+. The series features new characters and storylines set in the world of “Zootopia,” but it is not a direct sequel to the original movie.

It’s possible that Disney may officially reveal a sequel to Zootopia in the future. Until then, we just have to wait and see.

Zootopia 2

Zootopia 2 (2023)

Animation, Comedy, Family - 30 March 2023
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Sequel to the 2016 animated film Zootopia. Plot TBA.

Stars:  Ginnifer Goodwin


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Sequel to the 2016 animated film Zootopia. Plot TBA.

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family


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Language:  English
Release Date:  30 March 2023

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Production Companies:  Walt Disney Animation Studios

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