Winter Watchmen season 1

Winter Watchmen

What is Winter Watchmen series status ?

Season 1 of Winter Watchmen will start in 2023

How many episodes of Winter Watchmen are there ?

Winter Watchmen has 1 Season and 1 Episode

Where can I watch Winter Watchmen series ?

You can watch Winter Watchmen series on USA Network

Show information :

Name : Winter Watchmen
Network : USA Network
Status : Season 1 of Winter Watchmen will start in 2023
First episode date :
Genre : Adventure
Sheduled :
Show type : Reality
Official Website :
In the most remote parts of Alaska, businesses such as canneries and hunting lodges operate seasonally. Each winter these businesses in the remote wilds shut down and hire “winter watchmen” to defend their properties against man, beast and the elements. Now for the first time, four pairs of amateur survivalists have signed on for a unique social experiment, based on the job of a real winter watchman. They’ll be brought in to see if they can survive the harshest winter of their lives while protecting four respective lodges in the far reaches of Alaska. Can each duo make it to the spring thaw and collect a cash bonus? Or will extreme weather, isolation and fear of man-eating bears compel them to tap out?;Winter Watchman” is produced by Nomadica Films with Dan Bree, Jared McGilliard, John Collin, Dave Clawson and Kurt Tondorf serving as executive producers.

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