When Nobody Sees Us season 1

When Nobody Sees Us

What is When Nobody Sees Us series status ?

Season 1 of When Nobody Sees Us will start in 2024

Where can I watch When Nobody Sees Us series ?

You can watch When Nobody Sees Us series on HBO Max

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Name : When Nobody Sees Us
Network : HBO Max
Status : Season 1 of When Nobody Sees Us will start in 2024
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HBO Max has exciting news as they announce the green light and commencement of production for eight fifty-minute episodes of the thrilling Max Original series, CUANDO NOS VE NOS VE. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Sergio Sarria, published by Espasa. Leading the scriptwriting team is Daniel Corpas, collaborating with Arturo Ruiz and Isa Sánchez. Acclaimed director Enrique Urbizu, known for his works such as ‘There Will Be No Peace for the Wicked’ and ‘La caja 507’, will helm all eight episodes. The series will be produced by Zeta Studios for Warner Bros. Discovery in Spain.;Set against the backdrop of Holy Week, CUANDO NOS VE NOS VE is a thrilling crime drama that follows two policewomen as they endeavor to solve a series of crimes in a unique setting: the political and cultural border of the so-called “Deep Spain”. This region is also home to one of the largest US military bases overseas, adding further complexity and intrigue to the narrative. Prepare for a captivating and suspenseful ride as the series unravels the mysteries lurking within this complex and distinctive locale.;Get ready to delve into the dark underbelly of a captivating world as CUANDO NOS VE NOS VE takes you on a thrilling journey. With a talented cast, gripping storytelling, and the rich cultural backdrop of Spain, this Max Original series promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Stay tuned for the unveiling of this exciting and enthralling crime drama, exclusively on HBO Max.;(Source: deadline.com)

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