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The Farads

What is The Farads series status ?

The release date for The Farads Season 1 — December 12, 2023

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You can watch The Farads series on Amazon Prime

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Name : The Farads
Network : Amazon Prime
Status : The release date for The Farads Season 1 — December 12, 2023
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Our journey takes us back to the glamorous Marbella of the 1980s, where we meet Oskar, a young boy with aspirations of establishing his very own gym. His dreams get an unexpected boost when he crosses paths with Sara, the eldest daughter of the influential Farad family, granting him access to the opulent realm of the Costa del Sol.;Amidst a backdrop of ambition, eccentricities, and a surprising arsenal of weapons, Oskar’s life takes a dramatic turn. As he becomes increasingly entangled with the enigmatic Farad family, the line between his past and the world of wealth and power blurs, forever altering the course of his existence.;Set against the backdrop of Marbella’s extravagance, this narrative promises to be a riveting exploration of ambition, temptation, and the inescapable ties that bind Oskar to a world he can never leave behind.;(Source:

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