Telemarketers season 2


What is Telemarketers series status ?

Telemarketers Season 2 — not renewed yet

Where can I watch Telemarketers series ?

You can watch Telemarketers series on HBO

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Name : Telemarketers
Network : HBO
Status : Telemarketers Season 2 — not renewed yet
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Get ready to embark on a darkly comedic and unexpected 20-year journey alongside two unlikely office buddies in this gripping series. As the story unfolds, they find themselves stumbling upon a murky truth hidden behind the work they’ve been doing at a seedy call center in New Jersey. Their job involves persuading people to donate money to charities, but what they discover within the heart of this crooked American telemarketing industry shakes them to their core.;Witness the birth of a daring mission as these two brave souls vow to expose the industry’s deceit from within. The series chronicles their relentless pursuit to shed light on the dark underbelly of telemarketing, infusing the narrative with a perfect blend of comedy and suspense. As they navigate through the complexities of their covert operation, unexpected twists and turns challenge their determination, making for an exhilarating ride.;Directed by the talented Adam Bhala Lough and Sam Lipman-Stern, this series promises an unfiltered look into the world of telemarketing, shining a spotlight on the shady practices that often remain hidden from public view. Prepare to be riveted by the compelling performances and thought-provoking storytelling as the duo’s journey unfolds, laying bare the truth and consequences of their quest to make a difference in this intriguing and often ruthless world.;(Source:

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