Survive the Raft season 1

Survive the Raft

What is Survive the Raft series status ?

The release date for Survive the Raft Season 1 — July 30, 2023

Where can I watch Survive the Raft series ?

You can watch Survive the Raft series on Discovery Channel

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Name : Survive the Raft
Network : Discovery Channel
Status : The release date for Survive the Raft Season 1 — July 30, 2023
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Get ready for a riveting reality TV experience as “SURVIVE THE RAFT” sets sail, presenting a captivating social experiment like no other. Nine contestants from diverse backgrounds embark on a daring twenty-one-day journey aboard the Acali II, facing the ultimate test of teamwork and personal interests. The central challenge: to work together harmoniously and secure a substantial fortune as a united team.;As the adventure unfolds, each successful mission contributes money to a communal cash pot, enticing the contestants to collaborate for the greater good. However, with physical and intellectual challenges deliberately designed to disrupt and divide the group, tensions run high, and alliances are tested at every turn.;Adding another layer of intrigue, at the end of each episode, the crew faces a game-changing decision: to either continue as a cohesive unit or make a bold move by swapping out one of their own for a new participant. The age-old question of “the good for all vs. the good for one” looms large, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as they witness the intricacies of human nature under pressure.;(Source:

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