Spellbound season 1


What is Spellbound series status ?

The release date for Spellbound Season 1 — August 31, 2023

Where can I watch Spellbound series ?

You can watch Spellbound series on Hulu

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Name : Spellbound
Network : Hulu
Status : The release date for Spellbound Season 1 — August 31, 2023
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Step into the enchanting world of “Cece Parker Jones,” a captivating series that follows the spirited journey of a 15-year-old named Cece. Leaving her small hometown behind, Cece embarks on a grand adventure to Paris, where she enrolls at the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet School. Her excitement knows no bounds, until an unexpected discovery alters her life’s course in ways she never imagined.;As fate would have it, Cece stumbles upon a hidden treasure within her Aunt Ginger’s apothecary: a book of family spells. Innocently meddling with its contents, she inadvertently breaks a long-standing protection spell, unraveling the truth about her own identity. The revelation is astonishing—Cece hails from a lineage of formidable witches known as the Wizens. However, her newfound power also summons her arch-enemies, the Mystics, who seek to claim her magic for themselves.;In a whirlwind of challenges, Cece must now navigate the complexities of her demanding ballet studies, embrace her newfound magical abilities, and safeguard her secret from even her closest companions. Amidst a backdrop of friendships, academic endeavors, and budding romances, she must learn to wield her magic responsibly while contending with the relentless pursuit of the Mystics. With each step she takes, Cece’s journey becomes a mesmerizing tale of self-discovery, courage, and the enduring strength that comes from embracing one’s true identity.;(Source: deadline.com)

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