Romancero season 1


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The release date for Romancero Season 1 — November 3, 2023

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You can watch Romancero series on Amazon Prime

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Name : Romancero
Network : Amazon Prime
Status : The release date for Romancero Season 1 — November 3, 2023
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Meet Cornelia, a young girl whose childhood was robbed from her, and Jordán, a teenager grappling with the challenging transition between childhood and adulthood. Together, they embark on a perilous journey filled with encounters that test their resilience against both the forces of the law and supernatural entities. But the greatest challenge they face is the internal struggle within themselves.;As they evade capture and confront otherworldly creatures, Cornelia and Jordán are forced to confront their own demons and insecurities. Their escape becomes a metaphorical journey of self-discovery, where they grapple with the complexities of identity, maturity, and the overwhelming weight of their pasts.;This narrative promises to be a gripping exploration of not only physical escape but also the profound quest for self-acceptance and understanding, where the greatest battles are often fought within one’s own heart and mind.;(Source:

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