Raid The Cage season 1

Raid The Cage

What is Raid The Cage series status ?

The release date for Raid The Cage Season 1 — October 3, 2023

Where can I watch Raid The Cage series ?

You can watch Raid The Cage series on CBS

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Name : Raid The Cage
Network : CBS
Status : The release date for Raid The Cage Season 1 — October 3, 2023
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Get ready for heart-pounding excitement in “RAID THE CAGE,” the action-packed game show where strategy, teamwork, and nerve are the keys to winning big. In this thrilling new series, two teams of two face off to grab-and-go prizes from the Cage before time runs out and the doors close.;As the clock ticks, correctly answering trivia questions earns precious seconds, giving teammates more time to seize prizes ranging from cold hard cash to electronics and even a brand-new car! With strategy and quick thinking, contestants must make the most of their time in the Cage to accumulate the highest total dollar value in prizes.;After three intense rounds of grab-and-go excitement, the victorious team gets to keep what they grabbed and moves on to the final round. In the ultimate test of nerve, they play for an even bigger cash prize, adding even more intensity and suspense to this heart-racing game show. Produced by Sony Pictures Television’s Game Show division, “RAID THE CAGE” promises an adrenaline-pumping experience that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats!;(Source:

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