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The release date for Queens Season 1 — March 4, 2024

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Status : The release date for Queens Season 1 — March 4, 2024
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Amidst the planet’s most untamed landscapes, where formidable leaders have historically held sway, a new hero emerges – one who embodies fierceness, intelligence, resilience, and a remarkable quality: being female. QUEENS unravels the tales of matriarchies and female rulers across the globe, a narrative marked by sacrifice and unwavering strength, but also rich in bonds of friendship and love.;These QUEENS are not always characterized by gentleness, for they allow nothing to jeopardize the prosperity and safety of their families. Guided by the commanding narration of award-winning actress Angela Bassett, QUEENS reorients our perspective on the natural world through the lens of the female for the very first time.;Crafted over four years and spearheaded by a female-driven production team from diverse corners of the globe, a pioneering feat in the realm of natural history, this seven-part series harnesses cutting-edge technology to unveil surprising revelations about how females in the animal kingdom ascend to positions of power. Cooperation and wisdom take precedence over brute strength as they navigate their path to supremacy. The final episode of this series pays tribute to the women who have traversed the farthest reaches of the Earth, dedicating their lives to documenting and safeguarding the queens of the animal kingdom. After all, we don’t refer to her as Mother Nature for no reason. All bow before… the QUEENS.;(Source: thefutoncritic.com)

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