Midsummer Night season 1

Midsummer Night

What is Midsummer Night series status ?

Season 1 of Midsummer Night will start in 2024

Where can I watch Midsummer Night series ?

You can watch Midsummer Night series on Netflix

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Name : Midsummer Night
Network : Netflix
Status : Season 1 of Midsummer Night will start in 2024
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Step into the enchanting world of Midsummer Night, Netflix’s captivating new series that explores the complexities of relationships, marriage, love, betrayal, hope, dreams, jealousy, forgiveness, and secret parallel lives. Led by a star-studded cast from Norway and Sweden, including Pernilla August, Dennis Storhøi, Amalia Holm, Sofia Tjelta, Linn Skåber, Kim Falck, Christopher Wollter, Fanny Klefelt, Peiman Azizpour, Maria Agwumaro, Eirik Hallert, Liv Osa, and Kadir Talabani, this series promises to take you on an emotional and humorous journey.;Set during a midsummer party, the longest day of the year, love is in the air. However, it is also the day when Carina and Johannes, after 30 years of marriage, choose to reveal a big secret to their family and friends, setting off a chain of unforeseen consequences.;Midsummer Night weaves a warm and relatable story that delves into universal themes. Creator and director Per-Olav Sørensen shares, “It is wonderful to be able to immerse yourself in all the relationships that a large family can provide, and not least in all the secrets we can carry, as well as all the parallel lives we are capable of living and hiding from people who are very close to us. At this midsummer party, there is room for those intense emotions, unexpected revelations, and deep conversations when nothing goes as planned.;Created and directed by Per-Olav Sørensen, known for his work on Home for Christmas, The Playlist, and Quicksand, the series features a talented writing team including Sofie Forsman, Tove Forsman, and Anna Fredrikke Bjerke. With an exceptional cast and a captivating storyline, Midsummer Night is produced by Magnus Ramsdalen and Janne Hjeltnes for The Global Ensemble Drama.;(Source: about.netflix.com)

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