Mask Girl season 2

Mask Girl

What is Mask Girl series status ?

Mask Girl Season 2 — not renewed yet

Where can I watch Mask Girl series ?

You can watch Mask Girl series on Netflix

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Name : Mask Girl
Network : Netflix
Status : Mask Girl Season 2 — not renewed yet
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Adapted from the popular Naver Webtoon, this series follows the life of an ordinary office worker with a deep-seated appearance complex. As she struggles with her insecurities, she unexpectedly becomes entangled in a life-changing incident while moonlighting as an internet BJ, concealing her identity behind a mask every night.;Go Hyun-jung takes on the role of Kim Mo-mi, the protagonist grappling with her self-image. Nana portrays Kim Mo-mi after undergoing surgery, showcasing the transformative journey of the character. Ahn Jae-hong plays Joo Oh-nam, a character intertwined with Kim Mo-mi’s fate, while Yeom Hye-ran stars as Kim Kyung-ja, adding depth to the compelling narrative.;With the intriguing tagline “3 Names, 3 Lives, 3 Murders,” the series promises a thrilling exploration of identity, secrets, and the complexities of human nature in the digital age.;(Source:

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