Mala Fortuna season 2

Mala Fortuna

What is Mala Fortuna series status ?

Mala Fortuna Season 2 — not renewed yet

Where can I watch Mala Fortuna series ?

You can watch Mala Fortuna series on Amazon Prime

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Name : Mala Fortuna
Network : Amazon Prime
Status : Mala Fortuna Season 2 — not renewed yet
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Prepare for an intriguing tale of deception and ambition in “Mala Fortuna.” The story revolves around Victoria and Julio, whose families were at the heart of a financial scandal that devastated Latin America’s most powerful families over a decade ago. Since then, they have endured social exile and financial hardship, barely making ends meet.;Endowed with privilege and raised with the finest upbringing, they both arrive at the same desperate conclusion: the only way out of their predicament is to assume new identities and seek a brighter future. But their paths cross once again, and this time, they find themselves going after the same target: the Urquiza family. As Julio takes on the persona of “Michi Montefusco” and Victoria poses as “Marie Claire Lebrun,” fate brings them together in unexpected ways.;With Macarena Achaga as Victoria and Jorge López as Julio, “Mala Fortuna” promises a captivating story of reinvention, ambition, and high-stakes drama.;(Source:

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