Lighthouse season 2


What is Lighthouse series status ?

Lighthouse Season 2 — not renewed yet

Where can I watch Lighthouse series ?

You can watch Lighthouse series on Netflix

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Name : Lighthouse
Network : Netflix
Status : Lighthouse Season 2 — not renewed yet
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Get ready for a refreshing and unfiltered glimpse into the lives of two of Japan’s most prominent entertainers as they engage in candid and enlightening one-on-one conversations. In this unique series, Gen Hoshino, a multi-talented musician, actor, and author, joins forces with comedian Masayasu Wakabayashi, renowned as one half of the dynamic comedy duo Audrey. Their monthly meetings over the span of half a year promise real talk, peppered with plenty of laughter.;Dubbed “LIGHTHOUSE” by supervising producer Nobuyuki Sakuma, known for his work on “Last One Standing,” this series showcases the power of genuine conversations. With their distinct personalities and experiences, Gen and Masayasu delve into their vulnerabilities, fears, and worries, creating an atmosphere of authenticity that resonates with viewers.;As each episode unfolds, the duo employs a unique “single line journal” approach, encapsulating their daily experiences and concerns through succinct written snippets. These intimate conversations shed light on the complex struggles faced by ordinary individuals, while simultaneously addressing broader and universally relatable themes such as work, family, the future, and interpersonal relationships. “LIGHTHOUSE” promises a meaningful exploration of the human experience, offering insight, empathy, and the reassurance that no one truly navigates life’s challenges alone.;(Source:

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