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What is Gracie series status ?

Season 1 of Gracie will start in 2024

Where can I watch Gracie series ?

You can watch Gracie series on ESPN+

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Name : Gracie
Network : ESPN+
Status : Season 1 of Gracie will start in 2024
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Prepare to step into the world of the legendary Gracie family fighting dynasty with the upcoming multi-part documentary series, “Gracie,” announced by ESPN Films. This captivating series delves deep into the family’s remarkable journey, taking audiences from the streets of Brazil to the global stage of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Through the perspectives of key Gracie family members, the series explores an epic family saga that spans across continents, from Scotland and Japan to Brazil and America.;Mixed Martial Arts has witnessed a tremendous surge in popularity, surpassing boxing as the dominant combat sport and captivating audiences worldwide. At the heart of this global phenomenon is the art of Jiu-Jitsu and the Gracie family, known as the “first family” of fighting. “Gracie” delves into their story, featuring larger-than-life personalities, triumphs, tragedies, deep loyalties, passionate loves, and deadly feuds. It is a journey that delves into the essence of family, honor, legacy, and the inherent human desire to fight.;The series is directed by Chris Fuller, known for his work on “Loren Cass,” and executive produced by ESPN Films. The project is being produced by Solaris Entertainment, with a stellar lineup of executive producers including Gregory O’Connor, Academy Award nominee Nanette Burstein, Guy Ritchie, and Ivan Atkinson. Additionally, Micah Green, Daniel Steinman, and Trevor Groth of 30WEST are also serving as executive producers. With an impressive team behind it, “Gracie” promises to deliver an enthralling exploration of the Gracie family’s indelible impact on the world of MMA.;(Source:

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