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The release date for Feedback Season 1 — November 15, 2023

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You can watch Feedback series on Netflix

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Name : Feedback
Network : Netflix
Status : The release date for Feedback Season 1 — November 15, 2023
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Set against the backdrop of a former rock musician’s life marred by alcohol addiction, “Feedback” delves into a gripping journey. The protagonist embarks on a quest to find his missing son.;Throughout the journey, he is forced to confront the darkest recesses of the human psyche, grappling with the haunting memories of the harm inflicted on his family. The storyline is further enriched by the entanglement with the largest reprivatization fraud in Poland, weaving together a narrative that explores mystery, redemption, and personal reflection.;This captivating tale is an adaptation of the novel “Feedback,” penned by renowned Polish author Jakub Żulczyk. As the protagonist traverses this labyrinth of human complexities and confronts his past, the story promises an intricate blend of personal quest and uncovering the mystery behind his son’s disappearance.;(Source:

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