Expedition Bigfoot

Expedition Bigfoot

What is Expedition Bigfoot series status ?

Expedition Bigfoot was first released on December 8, 2019 . Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 officially renewed for Fall 2023

How many episodes of Expedition Bigfoot are there ?

Expedition Bigfoot has 3 Seasons and 35 Episodes

Where can I watch Expedition Bigfoot series ?

You can watch Expedition Bigfoot series on Travel Channel

Show information :

Name : Expedition Bigfoot
Network : Travel Channel
Status : Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 officially renewed for Fall 2023
First episode date : December 8, 2019
Genre : Adventure
Sheduled : Sunday
Show type : Reality
Official Website :
Still no word on Season 4 news from Travel Channel and it has everyone wondering if/when it will drop, including the stars of the show. We here at PremiereDate feel your pain and have put in an official inquiry to Travel Channel. We will update you as soon as we hear something!;@travelchannel ok seriously making us wait this long for the new season of #ExpeditionBigfoot is just torture I’m starting to wonder at this point if you’re ever going to air it or just leave the fans hanging. We need an update soon, please. pic.twitter.com/oQs0tkHqir — Tina (@Whobugs) May 29, 2023;I think it’s time for #BigfootDisclosure;Who IS IN? #Bigfoot #ExpeditionBigfoot @mufon @a10associates #UFODisclosure @BFRO_Updates @USD_IntelSec @mysteriousuniv @coasttocoastam @nickpopemod @GarryPNolan 🛸 🦍 — Ronny LeBlanc #ExpeditionBigfoot (@AuthorRonny) May 23, 2023;Hey @travelchannel – RELEASE EXPEDITION BIGFOOT SEASON 4. @AuthorRonny @BryceOJohnson @mireyamayor @AcordRussell #ExpeditionBigfoot #bigfoot — Bigfoot Society (@bigfoot_society) May 23, 2023;Ronny when is Expedition Bigfoot season four airing?;I’m desperate to watch it 😃 pic.twitter.com/REJnnvmM8I — Dame Clair La Croix🌻💖🧚🏻‍♀️💙 (@HenderClaire) May 24, 2023;NEW TRAILER;Finally, discovery+ and Travel Channel will not take a calming breath, because the thrills will continue throughout 2022-2023 with more returning fan favorites. Former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan are back on the paranormal case in a new season of THE DEAD FILES. Real-life hauntings get retold by the master of horror in the second season of ELI ROTH PRESENTS: A GHOST RUINED MY LIFE. Eli Roth and Zak Bagans join forces again in the second season of The HAUNTED MUSEUM. And our intrepid team is currently back in the field searching for everyone’s favorite cryptid in season four of EXPEDITION BIGFOOT. (Source: press.discoveryplus.com);It’s more wild, it’s more raw, it’s the next season of Expedition Bigfoot! Alaska;It’s more wild, it’s more raw, it’s the next season of #ExpeditionBigfoot ! #Alaska pic.twitter.com/z13GAyQUQ2 — Trvl Channel (@travelchannel) June 20, 2022;We’re going to Alaska!” #ExpeditionBigfoot pic.twitter.com/Rw0d0SxuIe — Trvl Channel (@travelchannel) June 20, 2022

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