“ELIO”: Everything we know about the Release Date, Real Cast, Plot Details and more information

Audiences have been clamoring for another animated film that will take them on another epic space voyage ever before Disney’s Lightyear won their hearts. ELO is Pixar’s newest galaxy-spanning project, so fans of outer space won’t have to wait long.

“ELIO”: Date of Release, Actual Cast and Story Specifics for Pixar’s Upcoming Feature Film

After directing Coco with Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina will make his directorial debut with this film.

After the release of Elemental in 2023, the next Pixar film in Disney’s schedule is Elio, which is slated to be the first of two 2024 Pixar releases, the second of which being the sequel Inside Out 2.

Since its announcement in 2022, Pixar has been hard at work developing Elio, their upcoming 28th animated film.

Since Elio is an entirely new concept unrelated to anything else produced by Pixar, there is a chance that it could bomb, but there is also a chance that it will become a fan favorite.

Molina has worked on numerous Pixar films, including Toy Story 4, Monsters University, and the Buzz Lightyear movies.

  • Does ELIO have a release date?

Elio is the first of two animated features from Pixar scheduled for release that year.

The release date for this Pixar film has not yet been announced. However, D23 Expo panelists told us that this game would hit shelves in spring 2024.

The film’s release date, March 1, 2024, comes before the March 16 release of Inside Out 2.

There has been no announcement regarding the film’s availability on Disney Plus or any other streaming service.

  • Who exactly makes up the “ELIO” cast as of right now?

This new work will be directed by Adrian Molina, the man behind Coco and The Good Dinosaur. He’ll team up with Mary Alice Drumm, the producer of Brave, to create another iconic film.

According to Deadline, Yonas Kibreab will play Elio in the 2024 film, and America Ferrera will play Elio’s mother, Olga Solis.

Only two of the film’s voice actors have been announced so far, with production on Elio still in its early stages.

  • What’s the ELIO’s story details?

Disney’s Elio is unlike any previous Pixar film.

The 11-year-old protagonist of the animated film has a hard time making friends and living with his single mother, Olga. Elio, a little boy who is fascinated by space, finds himself unexpectedly among the stars and comets.

There, his human traits will stand out and make him a spectacle to aliens and other extraterrestrials.

A signal from space has led the aliens to assume that Olga is engaged in a top-secret military project, rather than to fear him or flee from the unknown.

But instead of his mom, Elio gets beamed up to space, where he has the experience of a lifetime in a strange extraterrestrial city.

Olga is “super-confident, smart, and can hold her own in any situation,” as Ferrera put it at D23, in contrast to Elio’s reticence and difficulty making friends.

  • What movies are Disney Pixar?

The Pixar film Elio will premiere on March 1, 2024, and will only be seen in theaters on that date. As Pixar’s twenty-eighth full-length film, this one will be a milestone.

This is everything that we know about the upcoming Disney movie, and we hope you enjoy it.

Elio (2024)

Animation, Family - 28 February 2024
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11-year-old Elio finds himself transported across the galaxy & mistaken for the intergalactic Ambassador for planet Earth.

Director:  Adrian Molina
Stars:  America Ferrera, Yonas Kibreab


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11-year-old Elio finds himself transported across the galaxy & mistaken for the intergalactic Ambassador for planet Earth.

Genres: Animation, Family


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Release Date:  28 February 2024

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